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Matthew 5:1-2; 7:28-29


1.     Seeing the multitudes

a.     Vision needed

b.     See the opportunity

c.     Be ready – supplies, equipment

2.     He went up into a mountain

a.     Often to be alone

                                                    i.     Matthew 14:23

                                                   ii.     Matthew 15:29

                                                 iii.     Mark 6:31

b.     Often to pray

                                                    i.     Matthew 17:1

                                                   ii.     Luke 22:41

c.     To be prepared

                                                    i.     Come apart – or you will

3.     When he was set

a.     Set – under authority – Hebrews 8:1; 12:2

b.     Ready, prepared, room and situation was right

c.     Ahead of schedule – don’t be late

4.     His disciples came

a.     Disciple = learner, pupil, one eager to learn

5.     Opened His mouth

a.      Speak up

b.     Not ashamed

c.     Boldly – with confidence

d.     Not mumble – clear, strong voice

6.     And taught them

a.     Taught – communicate, explain, expound

b.     Many waste time on things that don’t matter

7.     Astonished at his teaching (doctrine)

8.     Not as the scribes

a.     Just look at text and copy it

b.     Today – many just look at the text, fill in the blanks

c.     Jesus did more than that

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