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TITLE: Is God Here?

TEXT: 2 Chron. 7:12-16

PROPOSITION: The church must have the presence of God in its members.


KEY WORD: Assurances



          1. Without God we are impotent, powerless.

          2. Powerless church = dead church

          3. God made a conditional promise... "If..."

I. The Promise                 (14b - 16)

          A. I will hear from heaven

          B. Forgive their sins

          C. Heal their land

                    1. Apply this "nationally"

                    2. Apply to the local "church" (congregation)

          D. Eyes open, ears attune to their prayers

                    1. I Pet. 3:12 Ears open to the righteous

                    2. John 9:31 God heareth not sinners

          E. Chosen this place to dwell

                    1. Heb. 8:10 I will be their God

                    2. I John 4:12-16

          F. Name will here

          G. God will be present

II. The Conditions            (14a)

          A. My people

                    1. Must be children of God

                    2. Adopted into God's family

          B. Called by my name

                    1. Acts 4:12 no other name under heaven

                    2. Phil. 2:9 name above every name

          C. Humble themsleves

                    1. Ja. 4:6 giveth grace to the humble

          D. Pray

          E. Seek my face

                    1. Do you want to be where God is?

                    2. Do you want to see God?

          F. Turn from their wicked ways

                    1. Lay aside sin and obstacles that beset us

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