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TITLE: Worse than an Infidel

TEXT: I Tim. 5:8

I. Provide for own family

          1. Immediate family - wife, children, parents

          2. Extended family - aunt, grandmother, cousin

II. "Provide" vs. meet all their wants and desires

          1. What do parents OWE their children?

                    a. Car at 16?           b. Every electronic toy?

                    c. Free room and board till 25?

          2. See I Tim. 6:7-8

                    a. Came in empty handed

                    b. Go out the same way.

                    c. NEED:  Food                 Clothes         Contentment

                    d. One other NEED:  Godliness

III. Denied the faith

          1. Faith of gospel = obey commands

          2. Care for parents = walk in the faith

IV. Worse than an infidel

          1. Heathens care for their families

          2. Can't we (at least) do as well?


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