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Individual Responsibility

Matthew 25:1-13



1.     Matthew 24:12

2.     Why do many sit back and watch?

3.     Many are just spectators

4.     Ask for volunteers – how many show up?

5.     5% willing to work – 95% willing to let them



1.     Every parable of judgment – individual responsibility

a.     Marriage feast – Luke 14:15-24

b.     5 Foolish virgins – Matthew 25:1-13

c.     Rich farmer – Luke 12:16-21

d.     Rich man – Luke 16:19-31

e.     Talents – Matthew 25:14-30

2.     For what am I responsible?

a.     Our attitude toward God’s Word

                                                    i.     Ignore

                                                   ii.     Never study

                                                 iii.     Don’t obey

                                                 iv.     Acts 17:11

                                                  v.     2 Timothy 2:15

                                                 vi.     Ephesians 5:17

b.     Obey – do what you know

                                                    i.     James 4:17

                                                   ii.     In every age – Eden, Noah, Abraham, Moses, today

c.     Training children

                                                    i.     Teach and show the way

                                                   ii.     Children are not able to decide for themselves

d.     Becoming a Christian

                                                    i.     No one can believe, repent, be baptized for you

                                                   ii.     You must decide and obey

e.     Living for God

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