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TITLE: In the Ministry

TEXT: I Timothy 1:12-20

PROPOSITION: Preachers are human spokesmen for God.


KEY WORD: Descriptions



          1. Many misunderstandings about the preacher.

                    A. Special - supernatural - connected to God

                    B. "Ordained" - "Divine calling"

                    C. Perfect not tempted - never sins

          2. Paul gives some descriptions of the preacher.

1. Sinner (13, 15)

          A. Persecutor, blasphemer

          B. In unbelief

          C. Ignorant of God's will - Study, Memorize, Read

          D. Book, "For Preachers and Other Sinners"

2. Saved (14, 16)

          A. Grace

          B. Faith

          C. Love of Jesus

          D. Mercy

          E. Longsuffering

3. Enabled (12)

          A. Full of faith

                    1. In God - Bible - Jesus Christ

                    2. In brethren - dependant on them

          B. Able = learned, skill developed

                    1. Not born with silver tongue in mouth

                    2. Learn, be critical of self, get better

          C. I Timothy 4:16 Take heed to thyself

4. Charged (18-19)

          A. Preach the Word           II Tim. 4:2

          B. Fight the good fight

          C. Clear conscience

                    1. Can't please all the brethren.

                    2. Must please God.

                    3. Must live with self - clear conscience.

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