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TITLE: Make An Impact

TEXT: I Timothy 4:12

PROPOSITION: There are several factors that determine the impact we make upon the world.


KEY WORD: Factors



          1. We are making impressions, impact at all times.

          2. What is it telling others about our faith?

          3. Paul gives six factors that determine our impact.

I. Words Spoken.

          A. Eph. 4:29 no corrupt communication

          B. Col. 3:8 put off filthy communication

          C. Col. 4:6 speech with grace, seasoned with salt

II. Deeds Performed.

          A. "Conversation" = more than what you talk about

          B. Conversation = conduct, manner of life, lifestyle

          C. Col. 3:17 Do all in the name of the Lord

          D. John 3:19-21 Darkness = deeds are evil

III. Loving Manner.

          A. I Jn. 3:18 Not-word or tongue; In-deed and truth

          B. Always seek what is best for others.

IV. Enthusiasm Shown.

          A. Jn. 4:24 Worship in spirit

          B. Phil. 1:27 Stand fast in one spirit

          C. I Cor. 12:4 Different gifts, same spirit

          D. Mark 14:38 Spirit is willing; flesh is weak

V. Trusting Faith.

          A. I Tim. 4:10 We trust in the living God

          B. Ps. 4:5 Put your trust in the Lord

          C. 2 Cor. 1:9 We should not trust in ourselves

          D. 1 Tim. 6:17 Not trust in uncertain riches

VI. Clean Life.

          A. Today - "Purity" is a dirty word.

          B. Phil. 4:8 Whatsoever things are pure

          C. Ps. 24:4 Clean hands; pure heart

          D. Matt. 5:8 Blessed pure in heart; See God.


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