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TITLE: Ichabod in the Church

TEXT: I Samuel 4:17-22


QUESTION: What?         How?

KEY WORD: Causes        Solutions

READING: Same              Song: To God Be the Glory


          1. "Glory" = primarily signifies an opinion, estimate, and hence, the honor resulting from a good opinion.

          2. Tell story of Ark of Covenant - stolen

          3. Husband died, father-in-law died, Ark stolen

          4. What would remove "glory" from the church today?

I. What are the Causes of Ichabod in the church?

          A. Failure to Love One Another

          B. Gossip, Talebearing

          C. Gripe, Complain

          D. Lack of Dedication

          E. Lack of Sacrifical Giving

          F. Sin in our Lives

                    1. Hypocrisy = Shame and reproach on the church

                    2. Any "known" sin = hurt to the church

                    3. I Cor. 5:1 "commonly reported"

          G. Harsh, Judgmental Attitude

          H. Failure to Glorify God

II. How do we solve the Ichabod problem?

          A. Love One Another                             John 13:34-35

          B. Stop the "cut-downs"               Phil. 2:3

          C. Try giving complements Eph. 4:32

          D. Be a Debtor                                      Rom. 1:14-16

          E. Give Willingly                          II Cor. 9:7

          F. Stop the hypocrisy                   Luke 6:42

          G. Get out of judging business     Matt. 7:1

          H. Give God all the Glory   Ps. 24:7-10


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