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TITLE: Hung By the Tongue

TEXT: Proverbs 18:21

PROPOSITION: The tongue has the power of life and death.


KEY WORD: Powers



          1. Tongue is more powerful than:

                    A. Horse's reigns and bit    C. Wild animals

                    B. Raging forest fire          D. Ship's rudder

          2. Two Great Powers of the Tongue - LIFE - DEATH

LIFE   Gift of God              Matt. 5:1-2

          1. Bless        Eph. 4:29

          2. Teach       Mark 16:15

          3. Encourage          Heb. 10:24-25

          4. Comfort    I Thess. 4:18

DEATH    Peril of a Dangerous Weapon Prov. 18:21

          1. Smite men          Ja. 3:16

                    A. Innuendo = ruined lives

                    B. False statement = electric chair

          2. Gossip                I Tim. 5:13

                    A. Reputations are at stake

                              1] Person speaking about

                              2] Person doing speaking

                    B. Not prejudiced - will gossip about anyone

          3. Talebearing                   Prov. 11:13

                    A. Not lying - just should not be told

                    B. Confidence is destroyed

          4. Slander     Eph. 4:31

                    A. Lying to hurt another

                    B. Slander = attempt to elevate yourself

          5. Fault-finding        Matt. 7:3-5

                    A. First examine self - remove 2X4

                    B. Then cautiously remove other's splinter


          1. Judgment will involve what we said     Matt. 12:36-37

                    A. You will be saved by what you have said.

                    B. You will be hung by your tongue.

          2. Has your tongue been speaking life or death?

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