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TITLE: How Loving Are We?

TEXT: Luke 10:25-37

PROPOSITION: Loving churches are made up of loving people.


KEY WORD: Issues



          1. A research group developed a LCQ (Love Care Quotient).

          2. Results of 8,600 congregations among 39 denominations:

                    A. Loving churches are growing churches.

                    B. Visitors are more loved in growing churches.

                    C. Growing churches express greater love to the community.

                    D. Members of smaller churches feel more loved than members of larger churches.

1. I fear that we, like the lawyer, are asking the wrong question.

          A. NOT: Who am I to love?

          B. NOT: Who is supposed to love me?

          C. NOT: Who is my neighbor?

          D. This view is selfish; self-centered.

2. Real Isue: Am I loving?

          A. Do I love my neighbor?

          B. Am I showing genuine Christian love?

          C. Chart to focus on specifics:

                    Issue is NOT                                        Issue IS                 

          Who visited me in hospital                     Did I visit?

          Brought food to funeral                          Did I help?

          Who helped me                                               Do I assist?

          Who served my needs                                     Am I serving?

3. The church will be more loving when its members become more loving.

          A. The church is no stronger than its "weakest link."

          B. The mission Christ gave us is to make disciples. The model he gave us is love. The method is love. The motivation is love. The message is love.

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