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TITLE: The Christian Hope

TEXT: I John 3:1-3

PROPOSITION: Our religion is one of hope.


KEY WORD: Elements



          1. Hope = desire AND expectation

                    A. Desire - expectation = WISH

                    B. Expectation - desire = DREAD, FEAR

          2. Hope is our motivation (vs. 3 "purifieth himself")

          3. Today we will examine four elements of hope.

I. The Essence of the Christian Hope

          A. What that hope is NOT:

                    1. That we are Christians

                    2. That we will be saved "someday"

                    3. Some millennial reign of Christ on earth

          B. What that hope IS:

                    1. Appear with Christ

                    2. Raised by power of Christ

                    3. United with Christ

                    4. Conformed to image of Christ

                    5. Eternity with Christ

          C. Heaven is our hope.  Desire and expect it.

II. The Ground of our hope

          A. The basis = We are children of God.

          B. Only children have this hope.

          C. Faithfulness is required to have hope.

III. The Result of this hope

          A. Hope purifies - text

          B. Hope anchors our soul - Heb. 6:19

          C. Hope rejoices - Rom. 5:2

          D. Hope answers our doubts - I Pet. 3:15

IV. The Strength of our hope

          1. Amount of Desire - How badly do you want it?

          2. Strength of our Expectation - Do you have faith?

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