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The Home – Peaceful, Pious, Permanent – As God Intended



1.     External Requirements

a.     Leave parents Genesis 2;24

b.     Common courtesy

                                                    i.     Husband and wife – retain attitudes

                                                   ii.     Children – considerate of others

c.     Control of the tongue

2.     Internal Requirements

a.     Family – like a clock, each part must work together

b.     Husband’s place

c.     Wife’s role

d.     Parents

e.     Children

3.     Many of these concepts are being rejected today

a.     AND nothing is taking their place



1.     Pious = devoted to God

a.     Genesis 18:19

b.     Deuteronomy 6:4-9

c.     Ephesians 6:4

2.     Church and home

a.     Can’s separate the two

b.     Church can

                                                    i.     Teach children

                                                   ii.     Elders watch for their souls

                                                 iii.     Edify and discipline

                                                 iv.     Benevolence

c.     Can’t substitute for home

                                                    i.     Teaching not personal

                                                   ii.     Little contact with students

                                                 iii.     No control in attendance, behavior, cooperation

3.     School and home

a.     Christian school

b.     Public school

4.     Characteristics of Pious home

a.     Goal – Genesis 12:2

b.     Faithful

c.     Family unity

d.     Spiritual atmosphere

                                                    i.     Literature

                                                   ii.     Radio, TV, music

                                                 iii.     Hospitality

                                                 iv.     Language and temper

e.     Live what you teach

5.     Products

a.     Happy children

b.     Preachers, elders, deacons

c.     Circle unbroken in heaven



1.     Permanent Administrator – God

a.     Designer – Genesis 2:20-23

b.     Authority – Matthew 19:3-9

c.     God is a factor in every marriage

2.     Permanent Arrangement – till death

a.     Genesis 2:24

b.     Romans 7:1-4

3.     Permanent Foundation – love and devotion

a.     Learn the law – then the exception – Matthew 5:32

b.     Leave and Cleave – Mark 10:7

c.     Psalm 11:3 – Foundation destroyed?

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