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1.     Promise – not a Command

a.     Don’t pray for it

                                                    i.     John 14:16, 26

                                                   ii.     John 15:26

                                                 iii.     John 16:7-8, 13

b.     Don’t obey it

c.     Only for the apostles

2.     Define – Baptism

a.     Burial, submerge, to dip, plunge, immerse

b.     Not – pouring or sprinkling

c.     Jesus definition – Luke 24:46-49

d.     Clothed with power = submerged in power

3.     Was Cornelius baptized with Holy Spirit Baptism?

a.     It came in the same manner – “As on us”

                                                    i.     Acts 15:8; 11:15, 17; 10:47

b.     It was the same gift – tongues – as at Pentecost

c.     Poured is not baptism – Acts 10:45

d.     Falling is not baptism – Acts 8:16

e.     Acts 11:14 – still needed to learn and obey

4.     What did Holy Spirit Baptism do?

a.     Inspired – John 14:26; 16:13

b.     Power to do all kinds of miracles

c.     Power to distribute by laying on hands

                                                    i.     Acts 8:15-19

                                                   ii.     Acts 6:6-8; 8:5-7

                                                 iii.     Acts 19:1-7

5.     Essentials of Holy Spirit Baptism

a.     Administrator – Christ

b.     Element – Power of Holy Spirit

c.     Subjects – Apostles

6.     Ephesians 4:5 – One baptism

a.     Not HS baptism

b.     This is NOT the “one baptism” of the NT

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