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TITLE: Heart to Heart

TEXT: 2 Timothy 2:10-14

PROPOSITION: Let's have some plain talk about solutions.


          1. Gal. 4:16 Am I enemy, because I tell you the truth?

          2. We have been through a rough time. What now?

1. I care!

          1. About this church, members, elders, deacons

          2. About the cause of Christ in this area

          3. Very helpful to me and family

                    A. Loving, helpful, kind

                    B. Accepting, appreciative

          4. "I LOVE YOU"

                    A. Elders                 B. Deacons

                    C. Teachers            D. Workers

                    E. Members

2. We have been through a battle together.

          1. I, like you, have lost sleep, prayed, agonized

          2. Tried to resolve it peacefully

          3. Problem was over:

                    A. Selfhisness - Want their way

                    B. Opinion binding

                    C. Intolerant attitudes

                    D. Party spirit - choosing sides

                    E. Unwilling to accept the decisions of elders

3. Now that the battle is over:

          1. I hoped things would get better.

          2. No one to fuss at, blame things on.

          3. We turned our frustration on each other.

          3. Angry and hurt with no one to vent our anger at.

4. It is time to quit:

          1. Gossip - Tale-bearing, bite and devour

          2. Selfishness - I want my way

                    A. You will NOT get your way all the time.

                    B. There are 300 others who want their way.

          3. Unforgiving - I want my pound of flesh

          4. Intolerant - of each other

          5. Binding matters of opinion

          6. Stirring up trouble - Mudding the waters

5. Let's resolve:

          1. To stop these sins against each other.

          2. Love one another.

          3. Put up with one another, forgive, forbear

          4. Express opinions as that, OPINIONS


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