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TITLE: Head of the House

TEXT: Eph. 5:21-33

PROPOSITION: Many marriages are in trouble because of confusion over headship and submission.



          1. Salesman at door. Asks, "Is the head of the house at home?" -- Man calls his wife.

          2. What is headship all about?

          3. Dr. Gayle Napier - DLU - 65% of church marriages are dysfunctional.

          4. We used to be 20 years behind world, now 3 seconds.

I. Transactional - Analysis Model

          We have video tapes of past experiences.

          A. Parent                          Prejudicial, Critical

                                                  Harsh, Judgmental

                                                  Says   "You will"

          B. Adult                            Rational, Objective

                                                  Organized, Adaptable

                                                  Says   "I think"

          C. Child                            Natural impulses

                                                  Feelings, Emotional

                                                  Says   "I feel"

II. Many Combinations when you put a couple together.

          Parent                    Parent

          Adult                     Adult

          Child                     Child

III. Common view: Man (parent) head = power and control

          Woman (child) submit = obey the power and control

IV. 10 to 20 years later --

          A. The relationship declines AND --

          B. She leaves home OR:

          C. She stays and rebels

          NOTE:  This is "emotional incest." He is parent with power and control. She is child who must obey. Could be reversed. She parent (mother) with power and control and he is the child.

VI. Headship

          A. Is not: Power and control. (Parent to Child)

          B. Headship and Submission are Adult to Adult.

          C. Love, emotion, think, intellect, decision

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