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Ephesians 4:25-32

1 Timothy 6:12 – Fight good fight of faith

2 Timothy 4:6 – I fought the good fight



1.     Fighting is common today – school, work, little league

2.     Some fighting is “dirty” – not fair

3.     Here are some suggestions for a good fight

Here are 8 Suggestions for a Good Fight

1.     Keep it Honest – v. 25

a.     Airest tense – point in time – lay aside falsehood

b.     First – lay it aside – decide – no more lies

2.     Keep under control – 26

a.     Our feelings are not good or bad

b.     Anger is not wrong; wrath is not wrong

c.     Don’t allow it to lead to sin

d.     Proverbs 18:19

3.     Keep it timed right – 26-27

a.     There is a time to disagree / a wrong time

b.     Agree together that the time is right to discuss it.

4.     Keep it positive – 28

a.     Don’t swing first

b.     Offer a solution

c.     Politicians – point out what is wrong – no solutions

5.     Keep it tactful – 29

a.     Watch your words

b.     Guard your tone, volume

c.     Louder = less communication

d.     Want to get attention? Whisper.

e.     Unwholesome = rotten, putrid, spoiled, not good

6.     Keep it private – 31

a.     Don’t let it show

b.     Don’t hang out dirty laundry

c.     Lady texting – fell in mall fountain – embarrassed – Went on several TV networks to talk about how embarrassed she was

7.     Keep it cleaned up – 32

a.     When it is all over – clean up the mess.

b.     Sign a truce – I forgive as of (date)

8.     Three ways to stop a fight

a.     You are right

b.     I was wrong

c.     I am sorry


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