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TITLE: God Hates Divorce

TEXT: Malachi 2:11-16

PROPOSITION: There are several reasons that God hates divorce.


KEY WORD: Reasons



1. Background -

            A. Ezra 9 - Many had married strange wives.

            B. Ezra 10 - Needed to separate from them.

2. This issue touches every life here tonight.

            A. Increase in divorce rate - in every family.

            B. Emotionally charged issue.  Loved ones hurt.

3. I do not want to trouble anyone whose past sins have been forgiven, but the sanctity of marriage must be taught.

4. Why does God hate divorce?  Here are 6 reasons.

1. It is contrary to God's original plan.

            A. Matthew 19:3-8 Begin at the beginning.

            B. Leave father and mother.

            C. Genesis 2:24 "Cleave (glue) to wife."

            D. God never intended anything else.

                        1. 1 man and 1 woman for life = marriage.

                        2. Not 2 men OR 2 women.

                        3. Not 1 man and 5 women - harem.

                        4. Not 5 men and 5 women - communal.

            E. The "exception" allowed was because of sin.

                        1. Divorce is allowed under this exception.

                        2. With this exception, remarriage is allowed.


2. It is a violation of the covenant vows.

            A. Vs. 14 "wife of thy covenant"

            B. "But, you promised"

            C. God is the 3rd party in the agreement.

                        1. The Lord is the witness -- vs. 14

                        2. Matthew 19:6 What God hath joined together -

                        3. Three parties - husband, wife, God.

            D. Justice of Peace, Preacher = no difference.

                        1. God was a witness and party to the vows.

                        2. If God does not approve = not a marriage.

3. The real cause for divorce is often lust.

            A. Married = stop hunting for a better deal.

                        1. Write this on your mirror.  "You are not much of a bargain to live with, either."

            B. Mid-life crisis = put away wife of youth (v. 15)

            C. We use many EUPHANISMS:

                        1. We just fell in love.

                        2. She understands me.

                        3. She just nagged me to death.

            D. Most often, we divorce so we can marry another.

4. There is treachery involved.

            A. Three times in this text.  (14, 15, 16)

            B. Also "violence" in vs. 16.

            C. Vs. 13 - Tears have covered the altar.

                        A. Weeping, crying.

                        B. Much pain involved, deception, hurt.

                        C. Lying, cheating, feuding over property.

            D. Domestic violence "triples" every police department.

5. Divorce destroys the nation.

            A. Verse 11 - Judah was destroyed by divorce.

            B. Ps. 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed --

            C. Destroys the Nations:

                        1. Morality and values.

                        2. Foundation of an orderly society.

                        3. Breaks the basic unity of society.

6. Cuts off fellowship with God.

            A. Verse 12.  "The Lord will cut off--"

            B. It is foolish to think that one can divorce and remarry unscripturally and yet continue in fellowship with God.


            1. Not every divorce is sinful.

            2. ALL DIVORCE INVOLVES SIN.  "Breaking of the vow."

            3. Many are innocent victims.  But, When divorce occurs, someone has sinned.

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