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Deuteronomy 30:15-20



1.      Life is full of choices

2.      Some are easy, simple, common choices, we make them every day

3.      Some are hard, difficult, life-changing

4.      Choices like – marriage, divorce, change jobs, move

5.      Hard choices have to do with our values

a.      Rich young ruler

b.      What are you willing to give up?

c.      Matthew 6:33


Some Hard Choices

1.      Marriage vs. career

2.      Family vs. money

3.      Babysitter (day care) vs. home mothering

4.      Keep aged parents at home vs. nursing home

5.      Cost of Christian college vs. state school

6.      Selfish things (I want) vs. God


How to make the hard choices

1.      Narrow down to the lowest denominator

2.      Agape – what is best for others?

3.      Don’t paint yourself into a corner – Never say never

4.      Be willing to hear advice

5.      Be willing to live with the consequences of your choice

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