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Happiness is More than a Word



1.     Don Quixote – Dream the Impossible Dream

2.     Christians are to be happy

3.     BUT – happiness can’t be commanded

4.     Why is there so little happiness?

a.     Death, sickness, financial

b.     Hunger, family, marriage, pain

c.     Failure, disappointment

Six Observations

1.     Not found in wealth, power, knowledge, physical, sensual things

a.     Solomon – Ecc. 2:4-11

b.     Luke 12:15

2.     Found in simple things

a.     Butterfly

b.     Fishing with a pole and bent pin / not fishfinder

c.     Boy and his dog

d.     Book – “Happiness is a warm puppy”

3.     In work well done

a.     A job, task finished

b.     Good sense of pride

c.     Finish – sign your name to it

4.     In pursuit rather than attainment

a.     Fun is getting ready, dreaming, planning

5.     In concern about others, rather than self

6.     Ultimate happiness is on a spiritual level

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