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Philippians 4:21-23


Greet – Vine, “Signifies to greet, welcome, or salute”


1.     Visitors

a.     Tell your name – ask theirs – then use it

b.     Ask where they are from – where they live

c.     Ask if they are just passing through or live in this area

2.     Absentees

a.     NOT – roof will fall in, sign visitor card

b.     BUT –

                                                    i.     Welcome

                                                   ii.     We missed you

                                                 iii.     I am glad you are here today

c.     New Converts

                                                    i.     Welcome to the family of God here

                                                   ii.     Tell me how I can help you

                                                 iii.     Introduce them to what work you are doing in the church

d.     Responses

                                                    i.     Welcome them to the family of God here

                                                   ii.     I love you and want encourage you

                                                 iii.     I am here for you – let me know how I can help

e.     Each other

                                                    i.     Hello

                                                   ii.     Discuss

1.     The church

2.     Attendance

3.     The sermon (good parts)

4.     The worship (good parts)

3.     Conclusion – Greet one another

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