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TITLE: Great Commission

TEXT: Matt. 28:16-20

PROPOSITION: Jesus expects us to obey His command.


KEY WORD: Thoughts

READING: Matthew 28:16-20


1.     The last words of a person become important.

2.     We try to carry out any last requests.

3.     This is the last request of our Lord.

4.     Here are three thoughts about the Great Commission.

It is your command. "Go Ye" Matthew 28:16-20

A.    Authority

1.     Matthew 7:29 "as one having authority"

2.     God made him Lord Acts 2:36

B.    Make disciples = "become learners"

1.     Teaching - instructing them

2.     Baptizing - assist them to obey

C.    Present active verb "as you are going"

We are not doing it.  Why?


1.     Lack of knowledge.

2.     Lack of money, resources, time.


1.     FEAR.  Biggest single factor.

a.     Fear of rejection.

b.     Fear of questions.

c.     Fear of failure.

2.     Believe it is too difficult.

a.     12 lessons to learn to show Jule Miller filmstrips

b.     OBS - 36 hours of training. Cost $150

c.     Sermons - shame us for not doing it.

d.     Tell us it will take 13 weeks to learn.

3.     Think we must have professional training preacher, degree in theology

What is our job?  Teach them.

A.    That is it.

B.    Not baptize them.  I Corinthians 1:17

C.    Not add them to the church.  Acts 2:47


          1. "I ain't been doing nothing in this church. And I aim to quit."

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