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The Great Bank Robbery

Malachi 3:8-12


Robbery is a serious crime

We can rob God

          Time, talents, money, attention


1.     How?

a.     By not giving at all

b.     By not giving enough

c.     By giving the left-overs

d.     By missing worship

e.     By not giving part of extra income

f.      By not working to give

g.     By not giving regularly

2.     Why?

a.     Lack of teaching

b.     Selfishness

c.     Poor management

d.     Stinginess, greedy, covet

e.     Lack of love for the cause of Christ

3.     Consequences?

a.     God is robbed of honor and praise

b.     Church is robbed of progress

c.     Church is robbed of respect

d.     Lost are robbed of salvation

e.     Preachers are robbed of support

f.      Poor are robbed of help

g.     Rob ourselves of blessings Acts 20:35

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