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Goodness Gracious

Philippians 2:2-5

Other texts

1.     Ephesians 4:32

2.     Colossians 3:12

3.     2 Peter 1:5, 9


1.     Jeremiah 38 – Ebedmelech – covered ropes with rags

2.     Why should our goodness be gracious?


1.     It feels good

a.     Blacksmith fixed a tool – no charge – “Can’t you let a man to something to stretch his soul?”

b.     Mother – cross, critical, grumbling, irritable – girl prayed “Help mommy to treat us they way she treats other people.”

2.     Influencing Others

a.     1 Corinthians 13 – Love suffers long and is kind

b.     Often – better treatment from clerk, waitress, than Christians

c.     Prodigal son – elder brother – good but not gracious

d.     His goodness was unkind, unloving, ungracious, unforgiving

3.     Everyone is having a hard time

a.     Billy Sunday – send list of people needing prayer – mayor sent city directory

b.     Send 25 letters – “I’m thinking of you in your situation.”

c.     Small boy in school – not home sick, HERE SICK.

4.     God has been

a.     Ephesians 3:32

Conclusion – Let us be kind to others, blind to their faults

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