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TITLE: A Good Minister

TEXT: I Timothy 4:6-8

PROPOSITION: God has established some qualifications for a good minister of the gospel.


KEY WORD: Qualifications



          1. Loss of ministers - several reasons -

                    A. Low pay, lack of retirement, no home

                    B. Frustration, discouraged, death

                    C. Lack of young replacements being trained

          2. Some need to quit preaching - not good ministers

          3. Paul gives six qualifications for a minister.

I. Know the Book.

          A. "Nourished up in the words of faith"

          B. Know about the Bible - history, geography, etc.

          C. Know the text - preach the word -

II. Teach good Doctrine.

          A. "Of good doctrine"

          B. Major doctrines - Godhead, salvation, church

          C. Church doctrines - music, L.S., Sunday

          D. Denom. doctrines - OSAS, Faith only, Jesus only

          E. Moral doctrines - Marriage, Divorce, Gambling

          F. Must teach - plainly, without compromise

III. Refuse Gossip.

          A. "Refuse profane and old wives tales"

          B. If a preacher or elder believed half of what is told by brethern - he would be unable to function.

          C. Many use the preacher for "garbage dumping."

IV. Personal Godliness.

          A. "Excercise thyself rather unto godliness"

          B. Develop the attributes of God.

V. Bodily Exercise.

          A. "Bodily excercise profiteth little"

          B. NOT: Worthless - keep in perspective

          C. Walk, eat right, set example of self-control

VI. Contentment.

          A. "Godliness with contentment is great gain"

          B. If you can do anything else, do it.

          C. Be content with:

                    1. Wages, benefits, etc.

                    2. Reward is eternal, not here and now.

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