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TITLE: Death: God's View

TEXT: II Corinthians 4:13 - 5:9

PROPOSITION: We need to understand God's view of death.



READING: II Corinthians 4:16-18


          1. Death is very difficult for us.

          2. We have faith in God - - BUT ....

          3. We need to understand God's view of death.

          4. God views death as:

1. Opportunity to Worship                   4:13-15

          A. We have the same Spirit that raised Christ

          B. Rom. 8:9-11

          C. All the power of God is yours             15

          D. Give thanks, praise and glory to God

2. An Exterior Event, Not Interior.                  4:16-18

          A. Outer man

                    1. Perishes

                    2. Suffers light affliction

                    3. Sees only what is visible

                    4. Is temporal (temporary)

          B. Inner man

                    1. Is renewed daily

                    2. Greater and eternal glory

                    3. Sees what is invisible

                    4. Is eternal

3. A Worn-out Tent                    5:1-4

          A. Tabernacle = tent structure to worship God

                    1. Temporary in nature

                    2. Weakens, wears out, tears, rips

          B. Finally - it just collapses

4. Confidence, Assurance                              5:6-9

          A. Two homes - can't live in both

          B. Present in one means absent from other

                    1. Home in body = absent from Lord

                    2. Rather be absent from body = present with Lord


          1. Death touches all of our lives.

          2. Our faith must rest in God's view of death.

          3. You will die, be raised and face judgment.

          4. This life is preparation time.  Are you prepared?

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