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TITLE: The Christian and War

TEXT: Romans 13:1-6

PROPOSITION: The government is God's arm of vengeance.



1. Personal Attitude toward Vengeance 12:17-21

          A. Do not return evil for evil 17

          B. Live peaceably with all men 18

          C. Avenge not yourselves 19

                    1. Give place to wrath

                    2. Vengeance belongs to God

          D. Love your enemies 20-21

                    1. Feed them, give a drink to them

                    2. Overcome evil with good

2. Government is God's Arm of Vengeance 13:1-6

          A. Obey the laws of the land 1

          B. Resist law means that we:  2

                    1. Are rebellious to God

                    2. Will be damned

          C. Do good and receive praise from government 3

                    1. Tax-exemption

                    2. Church in Poland

                    3. Churches in Nigeria

          D. Government = God's minister 4

                    1. Do evil = fear the government

                    2. Bears the sword to use it

                    3. He is God's minister for vengeance

          E. Christians must obey the government

                    1. Fear of punishment

                    2. Keep conscience clear

                    3. Pay taxes

                    4. Give due respect


          1. Individual seeking vengeance = Wrong!

          2. Serving as an agent of the government = Right!

          3. Key = What is your attitude? Vengeance or Servant?

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