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TEXT: Luke 10:1-16

PROPOSITION: We have been given the conditions under which we are to go into all the world.


KEY WORD: Conditions


          1. Many sermons on "Great Commission"

          2. Most produce guilt - little else.

          3. Same basic command - GO YE!

          4. Sent out 70 men - 2 by 2 - every city.

          5. Jesus explained the conditions of going.

I. Go where Christ would go                (1)

          A. Other races

          B. Other social class

          C. Rich and poor, moral and immoral

II. Go on your way                               (3)

          A. Present active tense - "as you are going"

          B. NOT: leave USA - go to Africa

          C. BUT: as you go to store, gas station, bank

III. Go without things                           (4)

          A. Things get in our way

          B. Attached to things - drain our energy, time

          C. Where is your trust?

IV. Go where accepted                         (5-11)

          A. Don't waste your time in wrong territory

          B. "Dig where there is gold."

          C. Don't "give up" - change strategy

V. Go to the judgment                         (12-15)

          A. Try and fail is better than not trying

          B. Largest category of lost = "fearful"

          C. Hell for those who did not try.


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