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TITLE: Frame Up Your Faith

TEXT: Galatians 2:16-21

PROPOSITION: Faith takes shape when we learn to trust in Jesus and no one else.


KEY WORD: Demands



            1. Paul explains that we are saved by faith.

            2. We often misunderstand how it works.

            3. Let's discover what faith demands of us.

I. Look UNTO Jesus, not AT Him.

            A. Heb. 12:2 "Looking unto Jesus"

            B. NOT: Look at Jesus:

                        1. The man, miracles, teaching, wisdom

                        2. Compassion, zeal, claims

            C. BUT: Unto Him

                        1. Faith = lean, rely, depend, trust

                        2. Allstate - "You're in good hands"

                        3. Tightrope walker over the falls

                        4. Peter walked on water  Matthew 14:22-33

II. Looking AWAY from everything else

            A. Church directory

            B. Congregational membership roll

            C. Baptism   1 John 5:4-8

            D. Special feelings

            E. Repent of sins

            F. Health and wealth

            G. Good works                        Matthew 7:21-23

III. Relying on a FACT, not experiencing a FEELING

            A. Jacob "felt" that Joseph was dead

            B. Paul "felt" clear in his conscience

            C. People react differently to same situation

                        1. Auto accident - lady screams, girl faints, boy excited, man runs to help

                        2. Invitation - one comes in tears, another smiles


            Poem: My hope is build on nothing less

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