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Psalm 24:7-10


VBS – children sing “Praise Him”; 2nd verse – “Love Him” – knock at door said it was time for refreshments – little boy said, “We forgot to crown him.”


1.     King and Kingdom described

a.     Glorious

                                                    i.     Text

                                                   ii.     James 2:1

                                                 iii.     1 Corinthians 2:8

b.     King is Supreme

                                                    i.     Psalm 89:27

                                                   ii.     Revelation 19:16

c.     On David’s throne

                                                    i.     Acts 2:29-30

d.     Righteous kingdom

e.     Everlasting

f.      Universal

g.     Spiritual

2.     Jesus is the King

a.     Wise men – Matthew 2:2

b.     Nathanael – John 1:49

c.     Witness of miracles – Luke 19:38

d.     Christ Himself – John 18:37

3.     Principle work of the King

a.     Fulfill the law – Matthew 5:17

b.     Show us the Father – John 14:7

c.     Destroy the work of Satan – 1 John 3:8

d.     Be an example

e.     Die for the sins of the world

f.      Make laws for His subjects

4.     Some of the great laws of this King

a.     Love God and man – Matthew 22:35-40

b.     Great commission

5.     Opposition to the king

a.     Man of sin – 2 Thessalonians 2:3

b.     Dragon, Beast, false prophet

We must not forget to crown Him King of Kings

He is savior – Lord – Son of God – He is also KING!

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