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Forgiveness Under the Law



1.    Was there any forgiveness under the Law of Moses?

2.    Two answers: Yes and No


What is forgiveness?

1.    Not a change of mind

2.    Not peace of conscience

3.    Not escape fro consequences

4.    IS when resentment ceases

a.    God hates sin – Proverbs 6:16-19

b.    Jesus hates sin – Mark 3:5


Did those under the law have forgiveness?

1.    Yes

a.    Moses sinned Numbers 20:8-12

                                          i.    V. 12 did not enter land Deuteronomy 32:51; 34:4

                                        ii.    Dispute over Moses body – Jude 9

b.    David sinned – 2 Samuel 12:13-14

c.    Israel – Leviticus 4

                                          i.    Whole congregation – 13-20

                                        ii.    Ruler – 21-26

                                       iii.    Common people – 27-35

d.    Sick man in Mark 2:5

2.    No

a.    We cannot overcome sin by the law, yet the first condition of doing so, the knowledge of sin, is obtained through the law.

b.    Romans 3:20

3.    Yes, in prospect, promise, anticipation

4.    No in immediate fact

5.    Christ’s blood flowed both directions – salvation belongs to those who believe, repent and obey the will of God

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