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TITLE: Can Eternal Life Be Forfeited?

TEXT: John 10:25-30

PROPOSITION: "Believers" are eternally secure.


KEY WORD: Passages



          1. Part of Calvinism - Perseverance of the Saints

          2. Called "once saved, always saved"

          3. What did Jesus teach?  Notice these passages.

I. Luke 8:11-15

          A. It is possible to believe, temporarily.

          B. V. 15 - "keep it" = hold fast, keep secure

II. Luke 12:42-46

          A. Not two stewards "if that steward"

          B. Sermon outline from this text

                    1. Question - 42

                    2. Answer - 43

                    3. Reward - 44

                    4. Peril - 45

                    5. Penalty - 46

III. Matthew 18:21-34

          A. Who is sinning? "my brother"

          B. Forgiveness from God depends on our forgiving

          C. Our "remission of sins" can be withdrawn!

IV. John 15:1-6

          A. Indwelling depends on choice of disciple.

          B. Remain in Christ = He remains in us.

          C. Fail to abide =

                    1. Fruitlessness "cannot bear fruit"

                    2. Removal "taketh away"

                    3. Destruction "cast into the fire"

V. John 10:27-29

          A. NOTE: Present Active Indicative = action in progress

          B. "Hear my voice"; "I know them"; "Follow me"

          C. V. 29 "No man can pluck them out"

                    1. I can not remove salvation from you.

                    2. God will not remove it.

                    3. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO REJECT IT.

          D. John 8:51 "keep my words"

VI. John 5:24

          A. Is this an "irrevocalbe trust?"

          B. NOTE: "Hear my word"; "Believes on him that sent me"


          "Eternal life in Christ is our present possession only on the condition of present living faith, rather than as an irrevocable consequence of a moment's act of faith sometime in the past."


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