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TITLE: A Float Trip

TEXT: Hebrews 2:1-3

PROPOSITION: We must be alert that we are not drifting away from Christ.


KEY WORD: Observations




          1. Have you been in a boat fishing "and drifting"?

                    Slowly, moving away from the shore.

                    Not even notice at first.

          2. Observe that this is written to "Christians"

          3. Literally - "lest at any time we drift away."

          4. Note: "them" in KJV is in italics -

                    a. The drifting away is not from "things heard"

                    b. We are not to drift away from Christ!

          5. I want to make three observations about A Float Trip


I. To Drift away from Christ is Possible

          A. Because we are not all well moored at the dock

          B. Because there are powerful currents to carry us away

          C. Because it is slow and imperceptible


II. To Drift away from Christ ends in Hopless Ruin 

          A. We leave the only refuge for sins.

          B. We disregard the salvation He offers.

          C. We close our eyes to the urgency of his claims


III. To Drift away from Christ is Preventable

          A. By earnest heed - learn if faith is in your soul

          B. By earnest heed - create faith where none exists

          C. By earnest heed - faith can be maintained


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