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Fired Up – Not Burned Out


1.     How to stay fired up

2.     How to build a fire – not burn the house down

3.     Jeremiah 9:2 – build a hotel in the wilderness

4.     Jeremiah 20:7 – fire in my bones


Some Observations

1.     Fire is important

a.     We need meetings, workshops, etc.

b.     Stir up the coals, get fired up

2.     Burn out is a real problem

a.     Marriage bells – click and clank – to clunk

b.     Step on gas pedal – no gas in the tank

c.     Pressure – like in a balloon – too much – BOOM

d.     Busyness

e.     Obstacles

f.      Religious red tape – politics in the church

g.     Close minded leadership

h.     Criticism – “be right, nice, fearless”

3.     What happens in burn-out?

a.     People quit attending

b.     Quit working in the church

c.     Marriage and family

d.     Join cults

e.     Alcohol, drugs

4.     How to stay fresh, excited, on fire

a.     We are all alike

b.     There will be mountains and valleys – like stock market

5.     Anti-burnout List

a.     You gotta wanna – Romans 10:1 – hearts desire
“I would if I could, but I can’t would”

b.     Get loyal ties straight – mad at dog, kick the cat

c.     Motives must be right – to serve or be served

d.     Keep your bucket full

e.     Stay fit – physical, emotional, mental, moral, spiritual

f.      Develop a sense of humor

                                                    i.     God has a sense of humor

                                                   ii.     Jesus had one

g.     Take a time out – apart, quiet, in the desert, vacation

h.     Trust – have faith – Philippians 4:4-8

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