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Jeremiah 5:1


1.     God always looks for better men

2.     Noah, Abraham, Daniel, Ezra

3.     The Marines are looking for a few good men.


What are the tests for the man of God?

1.     The Isolation Test

a.     Must stand, even if all alone

b.     Matthew 7:13-14

c.     Paul stood alone 2 Timothy 4:16

d.     Moses chose to go alone Hebrews 11:25

e.     Elijah 1 Kings 18:22

2.     The Heat Test

a.     Trials tested in the fire destroyed or pure

b.     Temptations 1 Corinthians 10:13

c.     Hebrews 2:18

3.     The Pressure Test

a.     Outside pressure world, peer pressure

b.     Not be ashamed Romans 1:16

c.     Not leave the old paths Jeremiah 16:17

4.     The Noise Test

a.     Noise of false teachers Titus 1:11

b.     Noise of complainers, gripes, grumbles

c.     Noise of gossip, rumors


1.     Can you pass the test?

2.     You could be the very one to save a city or nation.

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