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TITLE: Filthy Dreamers

TEXT: Jude 1:4-13

PROPOSITION: There are still ungodly men in the church today.


KEY WORD: Descriptions

READING: Jude 1:5-8


          1. Purpose of this book - (5) "Put you in rememberance"

          2. Learn the lesson from history.

                    Israel, Angels, Sodom, devil, Cain, Balaam, Korah

          3. Some still have not learned.

          4. Here are 3 descriptions of ungodly men from Jude.

1. Turn Grace of God into Lasciviousness 4

          A. Sneaky, creep in unawares

          B. Lascivious = producing leud emotions in others by our words, actions, conduct, dress, etc.

          C. In the church -

                    1. Entice, lead astray, make false statements

                    2. Create division, strife, loss of faith

          D. Take things that are good, holy, pure - turn them into trash.

          E. When ever one "trashes" church, elders, preacher - Watch Out! They turn good into garbage, truth - trash.

2. Filthy Dreamers 8

          A. Defile the flesh - satisfy the fleshly desires.

          B. Despise authority - elders, deacons, preacher

          C. Speak evil of those in authority

3. Complain without Knowledge 10

          A. What they do know (fleshly things) they corrupt, distort, twist, pervert

          B. Charge, question, take issue, debate things that they have no information about.

          C. While condemning others (see vs. 8) they corrupt themselves.

Conclusion:  The results are:

          1. They are spots on our fellowship: self-serving

          2. Feed without fear.

          3. Clouds without water. (Threat - lack ability)

          4. Twice dead. Dead to sin Died back into sin

          5. Raging waves. Foaming out their own shame.

          6. Wandering stars.

          7. Headed for the blackness of darkness.

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