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TITLE: Family Reunion

TEXT: Genesis 32


          1. Many families have an annual "family reunion."

          2. We tend to scatter, only see relatives at a funeral.

          3. Did you ever - NOT WANT TO GO?

1. The deception by Jacob (27:29)

          Esau is angry (twice robbed by Jacob) 27:41

                    A. Sold birthright for a bowl of soup.

                    B. Now, blessing is stolen from him.

          First born sons of patriarchs had two things:

                    A. Double portion of inheritance.

                    B. Prophetic blessing of father (Patriarch)

                    C. Both were gone from him.

2. The parting - 41-44


          Jacob is afraid 6-8

          He prays to God 9-12

          Sends a present 13-23

          They meet 33:1-4

          They agree, build an altar, they part as family

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