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TITLE: The Hazards of Faith

TEXT: Rom. 10:17-21

PROPOSITION: We must be aware of the dangers which faith might lead us toward.


KEY WORD: Dangers



          1. Farmer - planted no crops, "I played it safe."

          2. Faith relates to the future - future is uncertain.

          3. "Faith is trust in what you know is not true."

1. Hazards of Gaining Christ

          A. Becoming a Christian requires much faith

          B. Faith involves risks

                    1. Estrangement Matthew 10:35-37

                    2. Insecurity - job, finances

                    3. Contempt - friends, socially

          C. Four who tore up a roof Mark 2:1-12

          D. Israel "heard" but they did not have faith.

2. Hazards of Serving Christ

          A. Service means risking one's life

                    1. Epaphroditus Philippians 2:30

                    2. Paul  2 Corinthians 11:23-27

          B. Faith and love require risks

                    1. doctors and nurses

                    2. firemen and police

          C. Are you willing to risk health for Christ?

                    1. Minister to the sick Matthew 25:25

                    2. Preach in hostile land? Mark 16:15

                    3. Worship in bad weather Hebrews 10:25

                    4. Help an AIDS patient, go to leper colony?

3. Hazards of supporting Christ

          A. Willing to venture liberality

                    1. Macedonians 2 Cor. 8:1-5

                    2. Poor widow Mark 12:41-44

          B. Giving involves risks

                    1. Need to support family 1 Timothy 5:8

                    2. Provide for old age

                    3. Miss some comfort or luxury items


          1. True faith is a reckless abandon to the will of God.

          2. Faith must launch out into the deep.

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