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TITLE: Exciting Worship

TEXT: Neh. 8:1-10

PROPOSITION: Worship must address praise to God and meet human needs.


KEY WORD: Suggestions

READING: Neh. 8:1-3


          1. Are you going to church and BORED by it?

          2. Do you want to make worship more exciting?

          3. Here are seven suggestions from our text.

1. Unity "gathered together as one man"       1

          A. Can't cater to a few - be bullied

          B. Come with unity of purpose

2. Come and "bring the book"             1

          A. How do we get them to come?

                    1. Beg - "PLease come"

                    2. Barter - "Dinner on ground" "Special preacher"

                    3. Browbeat - "sinner"  Heb. 10:25

          B. They will come when they WANT to come.

          C. Not distance from building - distance from God.

          D. Are they being fed - turnip greens, pablam?

3. Not time conscious   "mourning till mid-day"                 3

          A. Don't lock God into one hour

          B. Worship should not be boring -

                    1. Preacher has no right to bore us

                    2. Service should keep moving

4. Listen    "hear with understanding"           2

          A. KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

          B. Sermons are for SHEEP, not GIRAFFES

          C. You need to listen to the message, not messenger

5. Support those in public roles           4

          A. Preacher, song leader, prayer leaders

          B. Nehemiah had 7 on left side, 6 on right side

          C. Moses had Aaron and Hur - hold up his hands

6. Humility    "with their faces to the ground"          6

          A. Not dealing with posture - stand, sit, eyes closed

          B. Dealing with the posture of the mind

7. Leave with Joy "joy of the Lord is your strength" 10

          A. "Enter to Worship - Depart to Serve"

          B. Bring your burdens, leave uplifted, helped

          C. "Mourn not, nor weep."  9

          D. "This day is holy unto the Lord."  9


          1. Follow these suggestions, make your worship exciting

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