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TITLE: Enough is Enough, II

TEXT: 2 Corinthians 8:7-12

PROPOSITION: Even preachers get tired of dealing with the same old, tired, trite views.





          1. I speak not by commandment.  v. 8

          2. I give my advice.  v. 10

          3. This is expedient for you.  v. 10

          4. I continue my list from last Sunday morning.

          5. Things I am tired of:

I. Nit-pickers who make trouble without offering solutions.

          A. Fault-finders, nit-pickers, gossipers.

          B. Tattlers and meddlers are involved in sin.

          C. Are you the problem or the solution?


II. Church treasury being broke.

          A. Look in collection plate = poor church

          B. Look in parking lot = rich indeed

          C. Cars, clothes, houses, food, restaurants = rich

          D. Church, spiritual needs = poor

III. Excuses for not working in kingdom.

          A. Too busy.                               D. Too old.

          B. Don't know how.                      E. Put in my time.

          C. They wouldn't listen.                F. Too young.

IV. Elders don't have any authority.

          A. Only power is their example.

          B. Church should be a democracy (one man, one vote)

V. Don't like it here, move membership.

          A. Story of new family in town.

                    1. From church - friendly, good people. Same here.

                    2. From church of cranks, mean people. Same here.

          B. Christians are to work out their problems, solve them, NOT run from them.

VI. Sermons like this.

          A. "Must needs go through Galilee."

          B. Needed, not enjoyed.


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