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TITLE: It Is Not Enough

TEXT: Joshua 17:14-16

PROPOSITION: Often people stop too soon and do not do enough.


KEY WORD: Ingredients


1. Many seek the least possible involvement with God.

2. “I do _____ that is enough, isn’t it?”

3. Today we will list several ingredients that people think are all it takes.

          IT IS NOT ENOUGH - - -

1.     To have a Bible            Acts 8:28 “sitting in his chariot reading prophet

2.     To read the Bible                    John 5:39 “search the Scriptures”

3.     To be morally good       Acts 10:1-4, 11:14

4.     To love God                 Priest, Levite in Good Sam.

5.     To believe in God         John 14:1 “believe also in me”
                                   John 12:42 many believed on him, not confess

6.     To repent                     Acts 2:38 repent AND be baptized
                                   Acts 3:19 repent AND be converted

7.     To confess Christ         Rom. 10:9-10
                                   Rom. 10:16 “not all obey gospel, not bel.”

8.     To be baptized             Acts 19 wrong reason
                                   Wrong manner
                                   Wrong age of maturity

9.     To wear the name of Christ               Matt. 7: 21-23

10. To pray                        In Jesus name, According to His will
                                   With faith, not doubting

11. To be a church member         1 cor. 15:58 “always abounding”

12. To attend worship                   John 4:24 “spirit and truth”

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