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TITLE: Enemies of the Cross

TEXT: Phil. 3:18-19

PROPOSITION: The Bible identifies who are the enemies of the cross of Christ.


KEY WORD: Enemies


            1. We can "crucify Him again" Hebrews 6:6

            2. The sins that crucified Christ the first time =

            3. Same sins can crucify Him again.

            4. Are you an enemy of the cross?  YOU ARE IF:

I. Destruction is Your End

            A. Tear down, never build up

            B. "Be a Barnabas" encourage one another

            C. Hebrews 10:24

II. Belly is Your god

            A. God = what or who is in control, master

            B. We preach against smoking and drinking

                        1. They harm your body

                        2. Body = temple of Holy Spirit

            C. What about over-eating?

                        1. Read Proverbs 23:1-3

                        2. Dig grave with knife and fork

III. Shame is Your glory

            A. We have lost the ability to be embarrassed

            B. Not sensitive -

                        1. To things on TV, movies, radio

                        2. Personal sins - pregnant, sex, homosexuality

IV. Mind is on Earthly Things

            A. Materialistic -

            B. Study "Things"

            C. Matthew 6:33

            D. 1 John 2:15-17

            E. Man on train with suitcase - feared thieves - fell asleep - case missing - "Thank God.  Now I can get some sleep."

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