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Philippians 3:17-21


Name the enemies of Christ Atheists, False teachers, immoral, unbelievers

The real enemy is within.


1.     Whose end is destruction

a.     Have salvation

b.     Cut themselves off from it

c.     Romans 6:23

2.     Whose God is their belly

a.     Proverbs 23:1-3

b.     John 6:26-27

c.     Romans 8:5

d.     1 John 2:15-16

3.     Glory in their shame

a.     Immoral and glad of it

                                                    i.     Homosexuals out of the closet

                                                   ii.     Brag about sins in Bible Class

b.     Romans 1:32 pleasure in them that do them

4.     Who mind earthly things

a.     James 4:4

b.     Colossians 3:1

c.     1 John 2:15


1.     Do you fit the description of the enemy?

2.     Are you the enemy of the cross of Christ?

3.     Repent.

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