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TITLE: The End of the World

TEXT: II Peter 3:1-13

PROPOSITION: We need help to live holy and godly lives.


KEY WORD: Reminders



          1. Most of us already know the matter in my sermons.

          2. We need to be reminded.

          3. Peter wrote to "stir up their remembrances"

          4. Here are four reminders to help us live right.

1. God's word is powerful.

          A. Creation   5

                    1. Heb. 11:3                      2. Ps. 33:9

          B. Flood        6

          C. Held back today  7

          D. When God says so, this world will end.

2. God means what He says.

          A. Don't scoff                    3

          B. Don't be lulled to sleep  4

          C. Don't count ticks on clock        8

          D. It will happen      9

3. God's day is coming.

          A. Without warning - like a thief    10

          B. What will happen in that last moment?

                    1. Great noise. Shout. Trumpet. Thunder. Voice of God.

                    2. Elements melt with extreme heat.  10, 12

                    3. Works (inventions, sins, ideas, evil plans) will be burned up.

                    4. Heavens (stars, moon, etc.) dissolved.  12

          C. THEREFORE:     11-13

                    1. How should you behave?

                    2. Is this a good or bad day?

                              A. Good = if you are ready.

                              B. Pray for it to come.  "Come Lord Jesus"

4. This is not the end.      13

          A. God promised us.

          B. A new heaven and earth.

                    1. NOT: This earth cleaned up.

                    2. BUT: A new one.

                    NOTE: "Heavens and earth" = whole thing, entire


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