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TITLE: The Process    (5th in a series of 5)

PROPOSITION: God gave us guidance for the selection, ordination and tenure of pastors.


I. Selection By Members

            A. Biblical precedent   Acts 6

            B. First pastors of a cong. were chosen this way

            C. Eliminates "self-perpetuating" board

            D. Give "self-respect" to members

                        1. Otherwise, no recourse

                        2. Says, "Your are not smart enough to choose."

            E. New pastor is doubt - Do they want me to lead them?

            F. Members can "oust" -

                        1. How can they out a man they did not select?

                        2. Not likely for other pastors to oust him.

II. Ordination

            A. Acts 6

            B. Acts 13

            C. Acts 14

            D. I Tim. 4:14

            E. Pattern in the New Testament -

                        1. Fasting

                        2. Prayer

                        3. Laying on hands

            F. Today -

                        1. Never fast

                        2. Prayer - quick and over with it

                        3. Hand shake

            G. Preacher has the authority to ordain

                        1. Select = church

                        2. Ordain = "set in office"

III. Tenure

            A. Elders can "go bad"

            B. Prophets, kings, judges, preachers, deacons

            C. Diotrephes - "bad elder"  "little pope"

            D. Assumed: Appointed for life - Scripture? NONE

            E. Elders can:

                        1. Resign - quit, give up, wear-out

                        2. Move - must be "among the flock"

                        3. Deposed - recalled

            F. Churches with bad situations - become worse

            G. When should an elder resign?

                        1. Does not do the work

                        2. No longer qualified

                        3. Lost ability to lead the flock

            H. Elders should:

                        1. Evaluate themselves                       Acts 20:28

                        2. Be evaluated by the congregation (5 yrs.)

            I. When elders are entrenched - church suffers

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