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TITLE: Disqualifications     (4th in a series of 5)

TEXT: 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1

PROPOSITION: God did not give us a list of disqualifications for pastors.


KEY WORD: Disqualifications


          1. We make qualifications into legalities.

          2. Interested in rules not character.

          3. Focus on believing children - sing. or plural?

          4. Most cannot name five other qualifications.

          5. We have turned the qualifications into disqual.

          6. God does not look for angels.  Men are pastors.


Not perfect - qualities must be present to a degree - these are relative terms.


1. Blameless - above petiness, not a question mark

2. Husband of one wife - How is he at home?

3. Vigilant - alert, watching, growing, "not in a rut"

4. Sober - sober, fair-thinking

5. Good behavior - courtesy, politeness, not manipulate

6. Hospitable - lover of men

7. Not given to wine - have good habits

8. No striker (brawler) - not contentious

9. Apt to teach - know the Bible, student of Word

10. Not covetous - attitude toward money and things

11. Faithful children - not number; quality of leadership

12. No novice -

          Novice = zeal, talent, ego

          Not novice = knowledge, wisdom, ability

13. Patient - gentle, understanding

14. Good report from without - attitude of community

15. Not soon angry - not a "hot head", no outbursts

16. Just - not partial, not prejudiced

17. Holy - separated for God's work

18. Temperate - moderate, not radical, not party spirit


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