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TITLE: What's My Line?  (3rd in a series of 5)


            1. Looked at Pastor, Shepherd.

            2. Now - at Elders, Bishops.

I. These men are "Elders"

            Word we use most often.

            Patriarchal - father as head of family

            Study - Jethro's suggestion to Moses

            Authority of an elders rests:

                        Not is WHAT he is!

                        But in WHO he is!

II. They are "Bishops"

            A. This means "Overseerer"

                        Thayer -

                        Heb. 13:7, 17  Acts 20:28   I Pet. 5:1-3

            B. Power sturggles exist when:

                        Deacons - run the chruch

                        Preacher -

                        Cliques -

                        Secretary -

                        Outspoken woman -

                        Complainer -

            C. Members can act like unruly child, billy-goat

                        Elders are to discipline them.

            D. Let's keep it straight.

                        Elders should elder!

                        Preachers should preach!

                        Deacons should "deac"!

            E. Warning:  Power Abuse

                        NOT Lord's over the flock

                                    They do not jump every time elder yells

                        BUT Example to the flock


            Main word we use - Elder

            Main usage - Bishop - ruler - overseer

            Beauty omitted - "shepherd overseeing sheep"

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