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TITLE: What's My Line?  (2nd in a series of 5)

PROPOSITION: Many in the church do not understand the work and function of the elders.


            1. Three Greek words.

            Poimen, Episkopos, Presbuteros

            2. Six English words.

            Pastor, Shepherd, Bishop, Overseerer, Elder, Presbyter

            3. In Part I, we will study the primary function.

I. Poimen = Shepherd, Pastor

            1. This is last in our terms, understanding, and practice.

            2. We do not understand shepherds.

            3. Preachers are not "pastors"

            4. We don't call elders "pastors"

            5. Ezek. 34:1-12

            6. Eph. 4:11

            7. Elders must re-evaluate what occupies their time

                        Sheep or bank account

                        Every sheep or every penny

                        Personal problems or furnace problems

            8. Jer. 10:21

            9. Jer. 23:1-4


II. When Elders begin to "PASTOR" - they will get out of:

            1. Decision business.  Should guide, set goals, establish principles

                        Not trivial pursuit, deacon decisions

                                    Where to buy light bulbs

                                    When to place ad in paper                  GET THESE OUT

                                    How to trim shrubs                              OF ELD. MEET.

            2. Project business.  Need to be in people business.

                        Not programs, busses, chalkboards, etc.

                        Fewer decisions by elders = the better

            3. Pride business.  He must not be a novice - reason- "not puffed up"

                        Many elders are on the defensive.  Self-defense.

                        Elders are not infallible.  Ever seen one confess wrong? or ask for prayers?

            4. Fear business.

                        A. Members are afraid of elders. "Untouchable"

                        B. Elders fear a wrong decision, delay, gather more data, survey, procrastinate

                        C. Members are willing - waiting - ready to move

                                    Waiting for a decison to act

            5. Power business.  Drive, coerce, force

                        Elders are shepherds not jockeys.

            6. 3 X 5 Card business.  Cards don't fit people.

                        People don't fit cards.  We are more than a name and address.  More than check marks on an attendance roll.

                        We have unique problems, needs, weaknesses.

            7. Talent business.  Many are appointed for their "business head."

                        Church needs "shepherds heart"

                        Many elders make good "business decisions"

                        Real question- Is he pastoring the flock?


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