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TITLE: Bad Habits (1st  in a series of 5)

PROPOSITION: Leadership can develop bad habits that can damage the church.


KEY WORD: Habits


1. Church is in a Leadership Crisis.

2. Congregation will not be better than its elders.

3. Boy's don't want to be elders.  Song: "Mama, don't let your boys grow up to be elders or preachers."

4. Many congregations have fewer elders today than 5 years ago.

5. Some who should be elders - aren't.

6. Some are elders - shouldn't.

7. Churches should be appointing elders every year or so.

8. Elders = solution or they become the problem.



I. Servants - Not Masters.

            A. Church does not belong to them.

            B. Elders serve the members.

            C. Members do not serve the elders.

II. Shepherds - Not board of directors.

            A. Many elderships have become defensive.

            B. They become entrenched.

            C. They are to defend the church not themselves.

III. Elders - Not Deacons.

            A. Most elders do a gret job of being deacons.

            B. Should get out of deacons business.

            C. Delegate authority to others.

            D. Start pastoring souls.

IV. Big Men - Not little men.

            A. We need "bigger men for Better churches"

            B. No room for littleness, jealousy, petiness.

            C. Inefficient, little men can't be great elders.

Why am I preaching on this? 

            1. I am over 40.

            2. Those under 40 do not have any more sense than to preach truth.

            3. Those over 40 have no reason not to preach the truth.

            4. Cleon Lyles - "I ain't mad at nobody."

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