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TITLE: Elders: Their Qualifications

TEXT: 1 Timothy 3:1-7

PROPOSITION: God has given specific instructions about who is qualified to serve in this office.





          1. The Lord's church needs leadership.

          2. We need men - dedicated, willing, desire

          3. ALSO - Qualified

          4. Three types of qualifications

I. Leadership ability

          1. Leadership in home life

          2. Rule (4)   Purpose (5)

          3. Can't pay bills, hold job, lead family =

                    Can't lead the church

II. Relatively High Moral Character

          1. Most of the items fit here.

          2. REMEMBER: Relative terms are used here

                    a. Not soon angry

                    b. Given to hospitality

                    c. Not greedy

                    d. Good report from without

                    e. Blameless = not thought of first

                    f. Apt to teach; Know the Word of God

                    g. Of good behavior

III. Special for appointment to this Office

          A. Married

          B. Have children

          C. Not a novice

IV. Disqualifications after appointment

          A. Loss of ability to lead

          B. Decline in moral behavior

          C. Change in docrtinal soundness

          D. Is the position for life?

                    A. Not set in concrete.

                    B. Elder could lose health, mind, ability.

                    C. High turnover ratio = instability in church


          1. "Mamma, don't let your sons grow up to be elders."

          2. Or preachers. Or deacons.

          3. Instill in young men a desire for the office.(1)

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