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Educating for Eternity

Hebrews 5:12-14


1.     Concerning time schedules – Matthew 25:23

a.     Arrive early

b.     Arrange, give attention to each child

c.     Prevent the shy from staying away

2.     Concerning Bible teaching – Psalm 119:11

a.     Do your teaching FIRST CLASS

                                                    i.     Quality of deliver

                                                   ii.     Prepare

                                                 iii.     Put everything into your lesson

b.     Prepare and expect BIG things

                                                    i.     Number in class

                                                   ii.     More handouts that usually needed

c.     Time, Visuals, Repetition, Excitement

3.     Concerning Discipline – Proverbs 22:6

a.     Have a few simple rules – enforce them fairly

b.     Don’t allow a problem to continue

c.     3 suggestions

                                                    i.     Have child stand, ask if he knows the rule

                                                   ii.     Have him repeat the rule – ask him to apologize to class

                                                 iii.     Ask the class to forgive him

d.     Never threaten

                                                    i.     Threat – don’t carry out – message = OK

e.     Contact parents

                                                    i.     It is true that some parents are over protective

                                                   ii.     It is not fair to the class to let one ruin it for all


1.     We are educating for eternity

2.     That must be our goal

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