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Frog Legs are Edible?



1.     Did you every wonder about how we discovered some foods?

2.     Eggs out of the back of a chicken?

3.     Frog legs are edible?

4.     Such things take courage.

5.     2 Peter 1:3-5

6.     Courage is needed today – courage to be different

a.     Too easy to just go along with the crowd

b.     Don’t risk any friends

c.     Do your own thing

d.     Courage = “heart” –  in Latin “cordis”


We need to have courage in:

1.     Home

a.     Discipline children

b.     Honor parents

c.     Care for aging parents

2.     Relationships

a.     To be a friend

b.     Boss – be fair

c.     Worker – be honest

3.     Introspection

a.     Honest with self

b.     What are my motives?

4.     Act

a.     Hardest part of preaching – get people to act

b.     It takes courage to move, act, respond

Conclusion: Courage comes from conviction.

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